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Spectrasan No-Rinse Floor Cleaner Gallon (concentrate)

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Quick Overview

Our No Rinse Floor Cleaner improves surface friction for floors, creating better grip and less slip.
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    Directions for use:

    1). Dilute one (1) ounce of No-Rinse Floor Cleaner Concentrate per four (4) gallons of warm water.

    2). Use two (2) ounces for heavily soiled surfaces.

    3). Mop floors in usual manner.

    4). Change cleaning solution as it becomes soiled.

    5). Allow floor to dry naturally.

    Do not mix with other cleaning products or chemicals.

    Use Cost (diluted): $0.15 per gallon.


    An all natural, planet safe, multi-enzymatic, no rinse floor cleaner that is 100% biodegradable and, unlike other “green” products, has earned the EPA’s “Designed for the Environment” seal of approval. This remarkable floor cleaner continues to impress cleaning professionals at restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, daycare operations, athletic and fitness centers, hotels, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories and contract cleaning services. It is non-toxic and safe to use around people, pets, plant life and marine life,


    Works Like Magic

    Our No Rinse Floor Cleaner contains pure, vegetable based enzymes that actually digest grease, food waste and dirt, then convert the soil into natural elements like oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. These organic elements naturally integrate with the environment rather than polluting it. This remarkable product brightens hard surface floors beginning with the initial application, by targeting grease, oil and organic matter and swiftly causing it to disappear. The soil simply vanishes while leaving floors clean, dry and streak free.


    Improved Friction Coefficient

    Our No Rinse Floor Cleaner improves surface friction for floors, creating better grip and less slip. This multi-enzymatic formulation continues to break down dirt layers long after the mopping has stopped. In fact, users are amazed at the way heavily soiled tile grout lines continue to be restored after initial treatments. Once grease-layered slippery floors suddenly have improved traction, which helps protect against falls and injuries. In some instances, a facility can qualify for reduced liability insurance premiums due to the significant reduction in falls, injuries, and workman compensation claims.
    Versatile and Safe

    Our No Rinse Floor Cleaner works great on all floors and hard surfaces, like quarry tile, ceramic tile, concrete, brick, granite, laminate, Plexiglas®, plastic, soft and hard metals, wood and other water safe surfaces. It is especially effective for kitchens, restrooms, food processing plants, locker rooms, athletic shower stalls and any area where slippery floors are a major concern and constant hazard. Product ingredients include water, a natural plant-derived enzyme blend, coconut oil surfactants and a natural essential oil fragrance. This incredibly safe floor cleaner is non-toxic, non-caustic and non-acidic, and contains no alcohols, solvents, bleach or oxidizers. It also has a skin-safe neutral pH.


    Fast, Easy and Economical

    SpectraSan™ “Hungry Enzymes” No Rinse Floor Cleaner is easy to use and saves time because it is less labor intensive. Just add ¼ ounce of our environmentally safe floor cleaning product to 1 gallon of warm water, then mop it on the surface and simply walk away (1 ounce per 4 gallons of water).That’s it! There is no scrubbing, no brushing, no wringing and no rinsing. This proprietary multi-enzyme formulation completely eradicates the organic material, so there is no place for bacteria to grow. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s super concentrated and it’s economical to use. The dilution ratio is 1:512, which means it only costs pennies per gallon to use. Get a truly clean, safe and slip free floor the easy way–Nature’s Way.




    CALL FOR PRICING ON CASE QUANTITY + or to DISTRIBUTE please call 800.284.9857


    SpectraSan™ “Hungry Enzymes” products are Made in America. All of our products’ ingredients, manufacturing, packaging and distribution is done in the USA.

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