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Odor Removers

SpectraSan™ provides multiple solutions for odor removal. These products are frequently used nursing homes, assisted living facilities, as well as veterinarian offices and hospitals. Our multi-enzymatic, all natural products effectively eliminates odors and removes organic stains in carpet and fabrics produced by children, pets and incontinent populations. Our Pet Stain & Odor Eraser contains pure, vegetable based enzymes that rapidly biodegrade organic matter and convert the soils into natural elements like oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. These organic elements naturally integrate with the environment rather than pollunatting it, so the soils literally vanish.

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  1. Spectrasan Enzyme Super concentrate

    SpectraSan Enzyme Super Concentrate 32oz.

    SpectraSan™ Enzyme Detergent Super Concentrate multi-enzyme formula works within minutes to disintegrate and carry away organic material

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