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Product Testimonials

 Dear Ms. Goren,

I had Mr. Adams from the Canton City Health Department give me advise on how my auditors and employees could fight the flu, especially H1N1. Mr. Adams said the H1N1 flu was transmitted by phlem, and one should sneeze into their  elbow. He suggested we give a mask to anyone who has a lot of phlem and coughing. He also suggested getting a spray, and having the auditors spray their desks and chairs after taxpayers leave. We have over 10,000 people come into our office to do their taxes. We have our own attorney who works along with the prosecutor's office to convict offenders. Taxpayers of all kinds enter our office which collects a major portion of the money that pays the police, firemen, elected officials, and other parts of the annual budget. Therefore, you can see that our auditors are at risk.

Yesterday, I was going through the Government Products when I can across SpectraSan/PURE. I knew it was sold by Spectra Medical Distribution in a nearby town so I asked my secretary to look on the internet for the location. They had a spray disinfectant that would kill the H1N1 in one minute. I went to the company and was treated very well. They gave me information on the product and explained how to use SpectraSan/PURE.

After paying for the product, I left with the information and took it to my office and explained it to my Income Tax Director. She then explained it to my auditors and gave them each a four ounce bottle. I think it is the right product that Mr. Adams from the Canton City Health Department suggested using.

Thank you for the product.


Robert Schirack
City Treasurer 


Dear Andrea, 

We at Butler have been using SpectraSan/PURE now for nearly three months and have to report complete satisfaction. Confessing skepticism at first, we are now convinced that SpectraSan/PURE does what you claim that it does. It is now our primary disinfectant. 

We are in the business of providing specialized medical facility janitorial services, exclusively for the Medical Imaging Industry. Our cleaning techs clean MRI, CT and PET CT scanning rooms and control rooms. This environment, while not public, has seen an increase in traffic over the past few years and the demand for better, more effective disinfectants were of major concern to us as well as our facility customers and the Joint Commission. So we looked for answers, conducted our own testing and found SpectraSan/PURE. 

What we found learned was that: 

• SpectraSan/PURE kills deadly germs faster than any other disinfectant; nothing else even comes close! 

• All other disinfectants evaporate too fast to actually do what their labels claim! Even in the low humidity imaging environment SpectraSan/PURE stays wet for more than 3 minutes, enough time to kill MSRA & H1N1, when others need 10 minutes, yet evaporate in less than 5. 

• SpectraSan/PURE does not need rinsing and in fact has residual 24 hour germ killing power; so we make sure that we use this product as we finish our cleaning. 

• Has the same toxicity level as tap water, producing no odor and no respiratory irritation like others tend to, plus SpectraSan/PURE does not degrade or harm the expensive MRI positioning pads as others do. 

 We have been so pleased with SpectraSan/PURE that we recommend and have asked that our customers use the product to conduct disinfection between every patient. We have written a 5-minute disinfection protocol to help them train their radiology technologists. With all the scans and quick patient turnarounds, why would they want to carry any other disinfectants when SpectraSan/PURE does it all? 

We believe that every medical facility should be using SpectraSan/PURE exclusively as we now do and will continue to spread the word to our customers. 


Christopher Butler
President and Founder
Butler Cleaning Services

Chris Butler


One of the main responsibilities of any athletic trainer is the prevention of injury and illness to the active population under their respective care. One area that has become of major concern is the introduction of infectious situations in the athletic arena. This includes the spread of bacterial, fungal, and viral conditions that could cause the athlete serious complications as well as keeping them off the playing field.

The athletic training staff at Nova Southeastern University has found that SpectraSan/PURE has proven to be an exceptional disinfectant for combating these conditions because it is the only product we have found that continually kills disease and infection causing pathogens for 24-hours. Furthermore, our staff likes it because it is safe to use and does not emit the hazardous odors associated with other products.

Since using SpectraSan/PURE, we have, in essence, eliminated all fungal infections while decreasing the incidents of bacterial and viral illnesses among our athletes. What’s more, since SpectraSan/PURE kills MRSA in just 2-minutes, we have virtually eliminated this potentially fatal antibiotic resistant “super bug” from infecting our teams. Our staff feels both confident and secure that by using SpectraSan/PURE on a daily basis, our athletes and staff can perform in a healthy, productive, and secure training environment.


Larry M. Starr, ABD, ATC, LAT, CSCS
Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Medicine
Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314
AL 455 (Florida License)
AT 000494 (Ohio License) 

Larry Starr


I would recommend SpectraSan 24 to any school district. It was instrumental in helping us contain the H1N1 outbreak.

 Marian Sheridan,
Health & Safety Director,
Fond Du Lac, WI School System



This is a breakthrough disinfectant. It kills H1N1, MRSA and more in minutes – has 24-hour residual power, and the EPA’s lowest toxicity rating. It’s simply amazing!

Dr. Bob Arnot,
Emmy Award-winning TV Medical Correspondent
and international humanitarian

Bob Arnott


SPECTRASAN 24 helped us with H1N1 and with other viruses that attack us every year such as strep throat, pink eye, and more. SPECTRASAN 24 has been a life-changer.”

Ken O’Kelley,
Director, YMCA Camp High Harbour, Northeast GA



We used SpectraSan 24 on all of our high touch/high contact surfaces throughout our offices and reception areas. And no one, absolutely no one, got sick during the flu season. SpectraSan 24 is now a staple for our housekeeping staff.

Jef Friedman,
Toyota Health & Safety Director,
Cincinnati Regional Offices



Fast acting, powerful and long-lasting, [this] SDC-based disinfectant is very effective for controlling influenza on hard surfaces.

This revolutionary new patented technology should substantially reduce the chances of people contracting influenza from touching ordinary surfaces in their everyday lives.

Tommy G. Thompson,
former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
and former four-term Governor of Wisconsin

Tommy Thompson


I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much SpectraSan 24 has helped me and the horses I care for. As an equine podiatrist, I often encounter tough hoof infections, both bacterial and fungal in nature. The problem in treating these is finding a non-necrotizing cleanser, that’s safe on sensitive tissues that will not hurt the horse’s already compromised hoof. I found SpectraSan 24 to not only provide a safe alternative to many toxic hoof preparations on the market, it is highly effective in treating hoof infections, and curing them in as little as a few days. I use SpectraSan 24 almost daily, and many of my customers keep bottles on hand. It’s also great for disinfecting my tools between horses. Thank you again for a great product!

Shannon Carner DAEP
Degreed Equine Podiatrist
Carner Equine Podiatry




I love all the Spectra San products. I have tried almost all of the enzyme cleaners and they are all excellent. I am very glad I don’t have to choose just one. I use these products at work and home and feel better knowing these products are safe and green.  Thank you for your excellent products.

-  Jessica, Michigan

Finally a line of cleaning products that do not sacrifice cleaning performance for being all-natural, safe to use around children and pets, and are also safe for the environment. The SpectraSan All Purpose Cleaner, No Rinse Floor Cleaner, and Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner provided such good results we plan on trying the Mold & Mildew Cleaner the next time we order.

-  Ken, Ohio

I started using Spectra San No-Rinse floor cleaner and a number of things have happened:  1) My cleaning time has improved because there isn't a soap residue to trap dirt on the floor and slow me down the next time I clean; 2) The floor stays cleaner longer, because there is no soapy residue; 3) I do not have to rinse the floor, so I save time. It really is a no-rinse product; 4) I use less water. The floor is cleaner so need fewer bucket changes. The product is really inexpensive, because it is concentrated. What is most impressive that it does all the things I said and it is not toxic. I can use the product and not worry about the smell making some of our more vulnerable parishioners more ill. I am reordering product now and I highly recommend it.

-  Christopher, Michigan

I have an older dog that has developed some health problems in the last year. One of those being she has an occasional accident in the house. I wanted and needed an all-natural product that would help eliminate urine odor and stains. Your Pet Stain and Odor Eraser worked like magic! I am definitely a fan and can’t wait for my All-Purpose Cleaner to arrive so I can start using that too.

-  Norma, Michigan

My daughter gave me some of the Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner to try out. To be honest I was a bit skeptical because there wasn’t a harsh odor and when I looked more closely there weren’t even the normal list of ingredients you see on other cleaning products. So, I assumed the product wouldn’t work as good as those other products. Boy was I wrong. This product works BETTER. Simply put, it is awesome. I highly recommend the products.

-  Susan,  Michigan

Our facility recently made the decision to try a new multi-surface cleaner that was more environmentally friendly for our staff and patients.  We opted to purchase Spectrasan All Purpose Cleaner for use on our hospital mattresses and hard surfaces and couldn’t be happier with the results.  There is no odor, no stickiness and no film.  That, combined with the fact that it’s concentrated, saves us a great deal of money by diluting it ourselves.

-  Cathy, Kentucky

Amazing and Non-Toxic! I ordered the SpectraSan Mold & Mildew Stain Cleaner and I used it the other day, the product worked great and I am VERY happy with the results especially with the Non-Toxic nature!  Thank you for the fine product.

-  Robin, Ohio

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  1. Spectrasan 24/Pure gallon

    Spectrasan 24/PURE Disinfectant Gallon

    SpectraSan 24/ PURE is an EPA Registered, broad spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral disinfectant that can provide up to 24-hour residual effectiveness. It kills the most dangerous pathogens as well as everyday household germs. Learn More
  2. Pure disinfectant

    Spectrasan 24/PURE Disinfectant 32oz. Bottle

    SpectraSan 24/ PURE is an EPA Registered, broad spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral disinfectant that can provide up to 24-hour residual effectiveness. It kills the most dangerous pathogens as well as everyday household germs. Learn More
  3. SpectraSan Heavy Duty Cleaner 1 gallon

    SpectraSan Heavy Duty Cleaner Gallon (concentrate)

    SpectraSan Heavy Duty Cleaner is blended to clean heavy grease, oil, dirt and stains from floors, walls, tables and other hard surfaces. Learn More

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