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Spectrasan No-Rinse Floor Cleaner Gallon (concentrate)

Spectrasan No-Rinse Floor Cleaner Gallon (concentrate)

Product Review (submitted on July 15, 2014):
I started using Spectra San No-Rinse floor cleaner and a number of things have happened: 1) My cleaning time has improved because there isn't a soap residue to trap dirt on the floor and slow me down the next time I clean; 2) The floor stays cleaner longer, because there is no soapy residue; 3) I do not have to rinse the floor, so I save time. It really is a no-rinse product; 4) I use less water. The floor is cleaner so need fewer bucket changes. The product is really inexpensive, because it is concentrated. What is most impressive that it does all the things I said and it is not toxic. I can use the product and not worry about the smell making some of our more vulnerable parishioners more ill. I am reordering product now and I highly recommend it.
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