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Ygiene 206 Sterilant and Sporicide 32oz. Bottle

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Quick Overview

Kills ALL Forms of Microbial Life In The Inanimate Environment Including the Ebola virus FASTER Than ANY Other Product on The Market.

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    A quantum leap forward in Sterilant/Disinfectant Fungicide and Sporicide Technology

    Kills ALL Forms of Microbial Life In The Inanimate Environment Including the Ebola virus and Bacterial Spores FASTER Than ANY Other Product on The Market

    Clinical Studies Confirm: “Ygiene 206–Kills MORE Forms of Microbial Life in The Inanimate Environment, Including Bacterial Spores.”

    Ygiene is considered the most effective, easy-to-use, and safest cold sterilant on the market today. Ygiene 206 kills the Ebola virus.

    • Most Advanced Infection control solution
    • EPA Registered
    • Hospital Grade Disinfectant
    • RTU sterilization/disinfection of non-porous hard surfaces
    • Rapid kill time, Safe & Effective
    • Kills ALL Bacteria 
    • Kills ALL Viruses including the Ebola virus! 
    • Kills ALL Fungi 
    • Kills ALL Mold In 2 Minutes 
    • Kills ALL Mildew 
    • Kills ALL Spores 
    • Provides High Level Disinfection 
    • Provides Sterilization in 20 minutes 
    • Powerful Cleaner & Stain Remover


    Wide Ranging Applications, Breakthrough Results As:

    • Sterilant
    • Disinfectant
    • Fungicide
    • Detergent Cleaner
    • Deodorizer
    • Sporicide


    Easy to Apply

    Wipe, Mop, Flood, Foam or Spray: Heavily soiled surfaces must be pre-cleaned prior to disinfection; remove gross soil and then wash with YgieneTM 206 followed by thorough potable water rinse. Apply by wiping, mopping... or as a coarse spray. Allow surface to remain thoroughly wet for at least 2 minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth or allow to air dry.

    Flood It On: Flooding may be used in situations where a large volume can be spread over a floor or pan surface where the liquid can be contained for the entire contact time without complete evaporation.

    Immersion: Immersion may be used to treat immersible non-electrical articles, tools, and devices that are not related to critical/semi-critical health care. Heavy soil will dissolve in less than 2 minutes. Immerse articles for a minimum of 20 minutes to achive sterilzation. Transfer the treated articles to a water rinse bath to remove the treatment solution, then dry the treated articles prior to reassembly or use.

    The Advantage is Clear!

    Oxidative Chemistry Breaks down to water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide
    Relatively Neutral pH 4.0-5.0 Excellent Material Compatibility
    2 Yr. Shelf Life Cost Efficient/High Efficacy
    90-120 Sec. Disinfection Cuts Dwell Time/Speeds Sanitation
    20 Min. Sporicidal Kill

    100% Sterilization of Inanimate Surfaces


    Also available in 1 Gallon Bottles

    CALL FOR PRICING ON CASE QUANTITY + or to DISTRIBUTE please call 800.284.9857

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    Product Sell Sheets Ygiene disinfectant
    Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Ygiene MSDS

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